I wish I was....

Wednesday, 7 September 2011 - Posted by syazwansamar at 07:44
I wish I was the moon,
To accompany you all night,
To shine on you whenever you need light in the night.
I wish I was the sun,
I burn myself down,
For everyone to feel the warmth of my sincerity is my wish.
I wish I was the wind,
I will travel where ever I like,
To whisper the sound of longing to the one I missed.
I wish I was the beach,
Whenever the ocean need someone to lean on,
I always be there waiting for the ocean.
I wish I was a bird,
Defying gravity,
Flying in the sky but never forget the ground.
I wish I was a tree,
Silent and stay still,
But never forget to produce O2 for exchange of CO2.
I wish I was you,
Seeing the world differently,
Experiencing the path you take.
But, it's just a wish.
Being a place for you to lean on,
The ears to hear you,
Voices to comfort you,
Simply a friend of yours,
are all what I'm wishing for.